are more Powerful than you know

Part 2

So what is this "intuition" tool and how do I access it? you may be asking.

I find it helpful to think of it as an instruction manual. When you purchase a new appliance or pretty much anything these days, it normally comes with an instruction manual. There is an index to help you find the specific topic you have a question on, a troubleshooting guide with some options for resolving the issue etc.

We also come with an instruction manual - our intuition. This guide is different for each person because we are all different. Sure, the basics may be the same, however, just as you wouldn't use an appliance manual for an electonic device, neither does it work for someone else to try to fix you by forcing their opinions or beliefs on you. That worked for them, it doesn't mean it will work for you.

So how do you access this beautiful, perfect for you, guide? By listening. Simple huh? Our feelings are our GPS. They indicate the route we are on and by tuning in to them, we receive guidance. Allow me to explain.


Let's say you're feeling tense or anxious (many feel this way most of the time) but you're not really sure why. In fact, if someone were to ask you, you might say "I'm so stressed out right now". What does that even mean? 

Until we take some time to acknowledge (not necessarily analyze, just acknowledge) our feelings and honor ourself by allowing space to feel that, we just continue to "autopilot" our way through life constantly feeling stressed out. 

My favorite question for myself is "Jo what do you need right now? What would make you feel better?


Sometimes I just need some focused breathing and the answer comes to me. Sometimes that doesn't work so I distract myself with some upbeat music. That always makes me feel a little better! I've also found that a walk in nature always bring some great epiphanies as well. 

You see, when we take time for ourself, we honor ourself. 

Just as you wouldn't tell your 5 year old to "suck it up and just deal with it" when he comes to you with a bleeding finger, neither should you tell yourself that, when you are feeling anxious. 

Acknowledging your feelings, validates them and is the first step to processing them which allows you to move through them and not remain stuck in a "stressed out" state. 

Your feelings are not who YOU are, they don't define you. They are simply something you are feeling in the moment. 

If not acknowledged and processed though, eventually it will feel like your feelings define you (sad, angry, depressed etc). This might seem a little challenging if you've not tried this before, you might think "I don't have time for this Jo, I have work to do". Can I be blunt with you for a second?

 You can't afford not to do this if you want to get out of that stressed out state you've been existing in. I'm sure you've heard the phrase "you can't pour from an empty cup"..? How can you provide your clients, your boss, your family, with anything of value if you have nothing to give?


The good news? Once you start acknowledging and allowing space for those feelings and thereby processing through them, it gets easier and easier and can eventually be done in minutes. You will start receiving creative ideas and you'll have way more fun in your life, I promise! 

You'll start accessing more and more of that "instruction manual" and no longer agonize over the "right" decision. It will come naturally for you. An obvious result of this will be, that you'll spend more time living in the moment and much less time and energy "pre-planning" your life. Doesn't this sound more like living vs. surviving? I know I've definitely enjoyed it way more!

To make it a little easier to get started, I've included a chart that I have found very helpful. Here's how to use it. 

First, identify the feeling you are experiencing. Then ask yourself, how can I feel just a little bit better? The goal is simply to move up the chart one "notch" or feeling at a time. It would be unrealistic to expect to go from the bottom to the top all at once, however, 

moving from, let's say, worry to doubt for example, is much easier and much more doable.

Ok that's all I have for you this time :) I would love to hear what tools you use to feel empowered. What helps you feel better when you're feeling stressed?


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