are more Powerful than you know

Part 1

It started with a dream I had. I won't go into detail here, just my biggest takeaway from the dream. I am more Powerful than I realize! I may not have had a lot of choices growing up, however, I am an adult now and I do have choices. Lots of them.

I get to choose how I want to feel. I am not a victim of my circumstances. I create my own reality. 

This may be a challenging concept to grasp or accept but it's true! Hard to accept because that means I no longer get to blame my unhappiness on others. I have to take responsibility for it myself. The good news here, is the power that gives me. You see, I have always been all about self empowerment and I know that's a word that gets thrown around a lot and has possibly lost some of its "power" because of it. I want to tell you what it means for me.

Self Empowerment to me, means that, I have tools at my disposal. 

REAL, EFFECTIVE tools that help me live the way that I want to live, the way the Creator intended for me (and all of us) to live. Happy and Fulfilled. Contributing to the good of the Collective. Capable of handling anything that may come my way, whether that's a physical ailment, a relationship challenge or an emotional trauma or discomfort. 

Tools are only effective though if we use them and use them appropriately. In my opinion, the strongest tool, the most effective one, the one that is necessary for all of the other tools to work well, is our Intuition (or spirit, or 6th sense or whatever name you prefer to give it). 

One of the features of this "tool" is our innate ability to handle any situation in life, in the "right" way, so to speak. Have you ever "pre-planned" a conversation or an event in your life? And then also created a backup plan and another backup plan for the backup plan? And then 9 times out of 10, it didn't go the way you planned anyway? So all of that mental energy it took to plan, was pretty much wasted effort AND you missed out on experiencing life because instead of living in the moment-the present, you were living in the future.

What if.....there is a better way to live? A more fun, easier way that requires much less effort???


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