Kids - Tantrums and Focus Issues


Tips to Calm the Crazy

My 6 yr old sometimes struggles a lot with focus and remembering things like basic steps in taking care of bodily functions to simple tasks.

Some days he does great and other days I feel like I have to micro manage every single thing with him.

He’s also pretty impulsive so he will just run off to do things on his own without telling me what he’s doing. It’s very unnerving for me because he cannot, in fact, do some of those things on his own nor are some of them allowed.

Recently I tried some new supplements and dropped the ball on giving him his omegas as well. In 2 weeks he digressed so dramatically he couldn’t even take care of basic bathroom business without help and reminders to flush, shut the lid, and wash hands.

I remembered that I had been forgetting to give him the Omega’s so I started them again and saw a HUGE improvement in less then 24 hours.

He slept 30 minutes longer the next morning and was noticeably calmer and more focused.


Then, since I’m always curious I wondered if giving omega oil to my 2 yr old would help with the regular meltdowns he was having about everything, from me giving him what he asked for to not being instantaneous enough in getting him what he asked for.

So I tried it and again, within 24 hours, he went from tantruming regularly to almost no tantrums.

So, if your having trouble with your kiddos listening and being able to be calm and focused maybe try some Omegas.

Please note, not all Omegas are created equal so you'll want to make sure they are a high quality omega from a reputable company. Here are the ones that I use

Omegas for kiddos in softgel form (my 6 yr old takes these)