What is your TOP parenting Priority?

Tips to Calm the Crazy

I have recently discovered that mine is being emotionally available for my family.

I am learning. On any given day I need to prioritize that over everything else.

Such as:

My to-do list,

My schedule,

Where we go,

If we go,


Do we stay home.

The list goes on...........

My point is that emotional availability is my top priority. Which means..... 

I don’t get a lot of anything else done on any given day.

Let's be real, I struggle with that sometimes. Coming from a family where work was pretty much always "the top priority", and "how much one worked", was considered an Identity.

I am in a season of life where I am making peace with the fact that I chose a different priority. And that means my life looks hugely different.

I’m learning to re-form my identity and accept the fact that it does look different.

That I am strong, valuable, and worthwhile. Even though, I have ”just” met the emotional needs of my family and did the basic housework.

It’s just gotta be fucking good enough for today!

Whatever it was that I accomplished... its Enough! My kids are fed, happy and emotionally connected to me.

That’s my priority. 

I accomplished it. 

I win!

The End. 


written by ~the breaktaking mama©2022 All Rights Reserved