Managing Your Greatest Asset

for maximum performance

Managing your greatest asset

What does that even mean?

Based on your belief that you are your greatest asset, it stands to reason that the nicer you are to you, the better you will feel, hence, the better you will perform. So what are some things that make you feel better when you do them?

There are a few basic, simple things that work for most humans and there are other things that may vary according to individual preference.

Basic thing #1 Drinking plenty of water.

How much is adequate? I'm sure you've heard this formula before. I like it because it's simple and easy to compute and it's the formula I strive for. Take your weight, divide it in half and that number is the number of ounces I make my goal for daily water intake to stay hydrated. Obviously, if you live in a warm climate where you are outside and active more than not, you may need to increase that amount. Listen to your body, it will tell you what you need. Did you know that at birth, the human body is 78% water? By the time we hit our 50's, that number has decreased to 55 to 60%. Water is critical for moving things like toxins out of our body, so, if the body is dehydrated, it tends to be more susceptible to inflammation which shows up in various unwanted symptoms like skin issues, frequent headaches, digestive issues and so on.

Basic thing #2 Eating Whole Foods

I'm not going down the rabbit trail of what foods are "good" or "bad". We'll save that for another day (maybe). There are many differing opinions out there, I will share mine :) Eat only foods that are in their natural form - meat, raw veggies, fresh fruit, things like that. If it comes in a package with an ingredient list a mile long and you can't pronounce, much less determine the actual ingredient, it's probably not the best thing for you. Our bodies are very intelligent and know how to properly digest and utilize real food. Synthetic or man made foods are not real food! Notice how you feel after eating certain foods and let your body guide you as to what's best for you.

Basic thing #3 Adequate Sleep

Research indicates that more than 25% of adults in the U.S. don't meet the generally recommended guidelines for sleep and over 9 million regularly use products to help with sleep. Adequate sleep, has been shown to positively influence nutrition and exercise habits and have a direct impact on weight management. From my personal experience, quality sleep also directly impacts stress levels.

How much is adequate? Once again, I believe one would be wise to listen to their body. I do not believe in a "one size fits all" number. Some people (we're talking adults here) need 8-9 hours, some only need 6, while others, operate best on 4. Listen to your body, note how you feel with more or less sleep and then do your best to achieve that ideal amount for you. I know many who struggle with insomnia or poor quality of sleep. We have some amazing essential oils and products that can naturally assist with getting adequate rest. I feel though that it starts with proper nutrition and exercise.

Basic thing #4 Sunlight and Exercise

I believe every person on the planet can benefit from both of these. Sunlight stimulates the "feel good" hormones and provides beneficial amounts of Vitamin D.

Exercise, even a 15 minute walk, can stimulate various brain chemicals that may leave you feeling happier, less stressed and more relaxed.

A happier you is a high performing you. :)

These are just a few basic ways that you can be nice to you. As with anything health related, always check with your doctor when considering a new eating or exercise plan.

Next time we will talk about some other simple, natural ways to help you live your BEST life :) Thank you for reading all the way to the end of this rather lengthy blog. :)