Castor Oil

for a more restful nights sleep


Don’t let the thought of being even more tired than you already are stop you from starting a cleanse! And don’t give up if you’re in the middle of a cleanse and you’re experiencing this symptom! I have an easy and natural solution so you can cleanse and FEEL BETTER.

Meet the castor oil pack! A traditional, ancient, and legendary health and cleansing tool.

The ancient Romans and Greeks had it right! They practiced cleansing regularly, and one of the tools they used was the castor oil pack. It not only helps you kick the fatigue symptom, but it can help you feel overall better due to its aid in the vital processes required while cleansing. It can help you:

  • Poop Better
  • Sleep Better
  • Cleanse better
  • Bloat less
  • Stress less

All these mean that your energy is reserved and you can get the most out of your cleanse. So instead of ignoring this nasty symptom, use my all-time favorite castor oil pack from Queen of the Thrones® - A simple, 2-step, reusable innovation to this ancient tool!

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I have been absolutely amazed at how much better I sleep when wearing this castor oil pack! Feeling refreshed and well rested upon waking, who doesn't want that?!

Let me know in the comments if you try it and what your results are. I'd love to hear about your experience.

Guiding you to better health,