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    Bonnie Surie

    Spiritual and Personal Development Mentor

    Bonnie Surie is a Spiritual and Personal Development Mentor specializing in helping women transform and rebuild their relationship with themselves and life.

    For the last 10 years, Bonnie has studied the connection between the mind and body and how this relationship affects our emotions, behaviors, results, and our life.

    As a result of her mentoring, her clients have an outstanding relationship with themselves because they have learned how to get their mind, body, and energy to work together and align with their higher self to get the results they want.

    Bonnie naturally connects on a soul to soul level. She guides women through the journey of deep spiritual and personal improvement that transforms their self-image and confidence and aligns them with their personal and professional goals.

    To learn more, or to see if you would be a good fit to work with Bonnie, visit her Website

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    Monica Campana

    Entrepreneur, Wellness Team Leader, Artist & Teacher

    Monica Campana has a diverse background. She started her life as a competitive athlete and became a national tennis champion at an early age. She learned that training and nutrition have a direct impact on performance.


    Monica studied Sports Nutrition and Marketing. She has an MBA in business and worked for years in the corporate world before she discovered the freedom of entrepreneurship through Network Marketing.


    Monica recently discovered the amazing benefits of medicinal mushrooms and superfoods and has never felt more energized , positive, balanced and focused!


    If you would like to learn more about her and her endeavors check her out on Instagram or visit her Website


    For those in the Health and Wellness Business or if you love helping people and would like a LIVE interview with Monica, send her a message @ 786.306.3017

  • What are Bliss Buddies?

    Let me explain...

    As a health and business Strategist, I am always seeking ways to reach and help more people. One way I do that is by promoting other entrepreneurs whose products/services I wholeheartedly support. These are always individuals I have worked with on a professional and/or personal level.

    I like to try out new things myself before promoting them to my valued customers. I have always done this "offline" but the year 2020, has been much more of an "online" type of year for many as I'm sure you have experienced yourself!


    Enter: Bliss Buddies

    I thought, why not make it easy for my customers to access the amazing resources I have benefitted from, in my journey, by putting it all online, in one place.? So here we are!

    Now in the spirit of transparency, I want you to know several things.

    1. I am not receiving payment for advertising other's businesses on here and 2. Rest assured that anyone I promote here on my website has been personally "vetted" by me. These ladies are beautiful souls with a true heart of passion for helping others find their emotional, spiritual and physical Bliss! Their website and/or social media links are included in their bio to make it easy for you to connect with them.


    If you do decide to connect and/or work with them, I trust that you will be as richly blessed by them as I have!


    ~ Blissfully Yours

    Jo Stutzman

    Owner/Founder of TruBliss Solutions